A Furry Soulmate for Everybody

Posted by Milo (Portland, United States) on 20 September 2009 in Cityscape & Urban.

Yes, folks, there is a furry soulmate for you too.

I'm not sure the Humane Society has ever googled that phrase. Why, I only had to scroll down half a page to *shudder* find the half naked anthro-porn.

Anyway, yes, I'm not dead. I was dead. August was a bad month, but it was nothing compared to September. Speaking of the Photo-a-Day, that is. I've been fine really. I intend on getting back into the swing of things on here, or possibly on another host soon.

I'm working on back-posting all my old posts from my other image-blog. Until then see Here Sorry, doesn't work. I'm afraid I had a bit of spam issues, then a bit of database issues. The files are still available, I just need time to upload them. ごめん。

Canon PowerShot S40
1/640 second
22 mm

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