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Shaahin Bahremand on Sombrero Repair Men
Great picture! excellent. i will happy if you see my pictures

Mike on It's Not a Bamboo
do you know what kind of plant this is? my friend gave me this exact one and I'm just curious as to what kind it ...

LauPre on Bamboo
Gorgeous! Good color and contrast, and I like the choice for background color. The detail is sharp enough to cut, ...

LauPre on Fall in the Magic Kingdom
Not the point of the photo, I know, but I like the randomness of the items surrounding the tree and fairy circle. ...

LauPre on Dishes
Love how the light shines in this photo. It really turns a day-to-day sight into a beautiful subject.

Milo on Eat Your Greens
I also think there's a problem with my focus. I really should have gone back for another shot.

laupre on Bikingu

Milo on Monkey Head Danglers
Also, as an aside. My camera doesn't seem to store EXIF data in the RAW format?!

LauPre on Churches, Chappels, and Cathedrals
Kind'a'sort'a also kinda looks like a fire hazard....

Milo on Churches, Chappels, and Cathedrals
See how it's sort of shaped like a cathedral? Kind'a'sort'a?

LauPre on Light, Shadow, Refraction
It looks kind of like beer but it isn't. These are the principles of my comment

LauPre on Washing Machine
I don't think it's going to fit into that dryer too well.... hmmmm.

LauPre on Hanging Shelves
I wish this was flickr so that I could draw little boxes and make notes on various things in this photo....

LauPre on Another Render? Fo'Seriously?
SCSME dude, the reflections are all wrong. And look at the shadows! What, are there two suns???

Milo on So I'm Thinking..
Wow, aminus really hosed the colors on this image!

Susanne on It's Rainy Out There
Nice and interesting!

LauPre on Zues Nukem's a Sellout
You musn't forget the Felonius Monks

LauPre on It's a BLOWOUT!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... ha... goodyear...

Milo on Homebrew
[from the artist] As I dislike the idea of editing the post; As a comment! Yes, I do realize that 1000+ sq.ft. is ...

LauPre on Scamp!
It's so Campy!

LauPre on Not a Diorama
Ooooooh! This came out really really well. I love the depth of field and composition. Great capture!

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